University United Methodist Church
Wednesday, November 21, 2018
100 Years - From Grace We Are United


The origins of University United Methodist Church, Redlands, go back to 1905 and the founding of Grace Methodist Episcopal Church at the corner of Washington Street and West Union Avenue. Dr. John F. Humphrey was the founding pastor and led the first worship service in the new church on Sunday, March 26th of that year. In that time and location, the church was one of the earliest protestant denominations to minister to the Lugonia district of North Redlands. The church's ministry was centered in that neighborhood for over 40 years, although its operation was suspended between 1918 and 1920 due to the hardships imposed by the Great War.


With the close of World War II came an increasing focus of ministering to the needs of the college students at the University of Redlands. This focus was a major factor in the Church's decision to relocate from the original site to the current site at the Southeast corner of Colton Avenue and Division Street, just one block from the University campus. The move was consumated in 1949 with the dedication of the present fellowship hall and the name transition from Grace Methodist Church to University Methodist Church.
Expansion of the church facilities continued over the next two decades. The sanctuary and Wesley lounge were completed in 1956. The classroom building (which now includes the office and pastor's study) was constructed in 1969.
Remodeling to increase accessibility, attractiveness, and usability of the facilities has received special attention in recent years. The facilities, though modest by some standards, are commensurate with the church's purposes and ministries, which have always emphasized a friendly, small-church atmosphere with considerable laity involvement in all aspects of the ministry.